Demon Seduction by Penny Alley

Demon Seduction_ARE

Kaelythus the Corruptor was a demon of the ninth echelon. He was strong, formidable, one who had walked the world for almost two millennia—and he had a problem.

It wasn’t that he’d been mugged on his way home, or that subsequent slip in self-control when he’d revealed himself in all his demonic glory and sent his would-be mugger running down the street. It wasn’t that news of his disgrace seemed to be developing wings, spreading farther and faster than he could counter. It wasn’t even that Kael was going to have to join forces with the infamous Hesoniel, a demon turned Redeemer, in a desperate bid to save himself before the Powers That Be judged him…retire-able. No. No, a clever demon could still come back from all that. Unfortunately for Kael, his biggest problem was who had seen him: his lovely, across-the-alley neighbor, Delilah.

The name alone should have told him something…

Note: This is an erotic romance with coarse language and sexual situations (because really, what kind of erotica or romance would it be without them).

Available now at Amazon for $2.99. Click here to check it out and read the first chapter in the preview for free.

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