Tidbit Tuesday

Enjoy this little excerpt from the first in the Seductive Shorts series:

He found Delilah in the cleaning closet, facing the far corner and clutching at the broom with both hands as if it were her only salvation. He could feel electrified air moving around her, the heave of her breasts, the quiver deep in her pit of her belly. She pressed her hand over the spot, trying to massage the sensation away, but Kael had no intention of being so easily dismissed.

“Lower,” he purred, thrilling at the way she jumped and spun. Her jaw dropped when she saw him and those striking blue eyes widened in dismay. She was afraid of him; he loved it. He could taste it, smell it, all but bask in the tiny gasp that escaped her. He smiled, devouring her with hungry eyes. “Much lower, Delilah. There are far more interesting places for you to rub.”

She tried to retreat, but must have forgotten she was in a closet. She crashed into the chemical shelves, spilling two bottles of cleanser into the large yellow mop bucket beside her. Shaking, she clutched at the broom, wringing it between her hands, a weapon of supreme desperation. “Y-you can’t be in here.”

“No?” A single stalking step closed the remaining distance between them. He touched two fingers to the side of her hand, effortlessly pushing the broom out from between them.

There was no place left for her to flee, or room around either side of him to squeeze around to escape the closet. Every hasty breath she shivered to take brought the peaks of her breasts brushing up against him. She trembled, a tasty little quivering morsel pressed up against him and trying so hard to be brave—a veritable aphrodisiac to his ego.

“I know what you are,” she whispered.

“Do you?” His cock grew hard, and his stomach tightened and burned. He chilled the air around them just so he could feel that erotic thrill as her nipples stiffened, pulling taut beneath her thin shirt. They scraped his chest, and his palms itched to cover them; his fingers, to pluck and tease. “What am I, Delilah?”

“The Devil.”

Kael couldn’t help himself. He laughed. “Not hardly.”

He leaned in to her, planting one hand on the wall by her head and the other on an upper shelf, trapping her within the prison of his arms. He breathed her in, luxuriating in all her conflicting scents—her fear, her uncertainty and even her arousal, the very, very reluctant tang of the animalistic female in her, responding against her will to the predatory maleness of him. Clearly, she didn’t mind being hunted. And he, he loved her eyes. Those almost angel-blue eyes that made him feel as if he were courting something so dangerous himself—dangerous and so very, very forbidden.

“A demon then,” she whispered and shuddered, flattening herself against the wall as he bent, his lips caressing the air so close to her cheek that he could all but feel the warmth of her skin. Her knees were buckling. “I…I won’t tell anyone what I saw.”

“You already have.”

Her eyes flew open wide, staring up at him in absolute dismay. “I won’t tell anyone else, I swear.”

“Do you think I want to kill you?” he countered.

“Don’t you?”

“No.” He offered his most charming smile, but it didn’t seem to ease her much. They were so close now. All she had to do was lift her chin and their mouths could have met. His gut clenched, and something told him the holy water she’d made him ingest wasn’t responsible.

“What do you want then?” she asked.

As if she did not already know the answer.

“You,” he rumbled, unable to stop the predatory hunger spreading molten through his veins.

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