Sneak Peak Sunday

Here I am, trying to do two at once and I’m not even at home right now. Half the fun of these hops isn’t just reading the comments left by others, but it’s getting to read sneak peak snippets from all the truly talented authors who participate in the Hops with me. I am on the road this weekend, so anyone I don’t get a chance to read in the hotel, I will do as soon as I get home on Tuesday.

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My Sneak Peak submission is from Demon Seduction. In this scene, Kael the Corruptor has trapped Delilah in the back broom closet at the bar where she works. As the line between seducer and seduced begin to blur, his wooing attempts are interrupted by the bartender. Kael Taps him–a form of mind control or, as Kael describes it, “Short-term memory loss combined with a healthy dose of imposed compliance. Don’t worry, I have no intention of sending him out to play in traffic.”

* * * * *

The bartender blinked, swaying. “The usual?”

“Please. Why don’t you go back to your bar and give us, say, fifteen minutes or so.”

“You need to leave,” Delilah told him. Those pink spots of embarrassment on her cheeks had flared into spots of real upset.

Kael looked at her, then sighed. “You’re right. That is shameful. Too much time spent with prostitutes; I apologize. I don’t know what I was thinking. Jackson, make that forty minutes.”

“Oh my God! You are a pig!”

“Forty minutes is extremely respectable considering I intend to do all the work, and this is a broom closet. My darling Delilah, I am trying to think of you.”

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Sneak Peak. 🙂 Click the link above to ‘hop’ back and check out the other talented authors on the list!


20 thoughts on “Sneak Peak Sunday

  1. She is never going to escape now.

  2. Guess she won’t be getting away, huh?

  3. Cara Bristol says:

    Witty and fun. Enjoyed this snippet.

  4. Nikki Lynn Barrett says:

    Short and sassy- love it 🙂 Great peek!

  5. Well he does seem to be something of a pig but on the other hand, he’s got good dialogue LOL. Terrific snippet!

  6. Karysa Faire says:

    Read it last weekend–loved it! This scene was hilarious as it played out.

  7. Another enticing snippet, Penny. I like Kael’s sense of humor, although I totally understand Delilah’s pique with him.

  8. R Lee Smith says:

    So considerate of him, lol. I loved this book.

  9. Delynn Royer says:

    Oh, dear, he’s a corruptor, all right. But a witty one. 😉 Very entertaining peek!

  10. pennyalley says:

    Bad boys are my weakness, but bad boys with a sense of humor–irresistible!

  11. You’ve made a arrogant yet funny character in him. Well done!

    History Sleuth’s Writing mysteries

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