Wednesday Hook!


This week I’m drawing from Golden Song by Penny Alley. The setup: It’s that time of year again, and Penny hasn’t slept in days. She’s exhausted, trying to make her way back home again, while her senses are going crazy. In particular, that nameless, senseless arousal that makes her want to jump every man she passes until, finally, she snaps and attacks one.

* * * * *

She paced, propelled by relentless Need, up and down in short, tight passes in front of the locked door, and she growled. Over and over again, she growled.

Until something in the shadows of that alley growled back.

Deep and low, it was a sound that trembled through the darkness, shuddering her as it surrounded her, so soft and yet filling her up inside. It came from everywhere at once, shivering up out of the concrete, raining down on her from the rooftops, a veritable wash of sensual vibration that rattled into her flesh and down through her bones, punching in straight through to her quivering pussy, surrounding her clit in humming sensation and dropping Polly, quite literally, to her knees.

With a gasping cry, she grabbed herself with both hands, bowing as she came, shouting both pleasure and defeat into the wet concrete that she pressed her face against. Her back bent, her hips pumped. She rode helplessly at her own fingers, wave after wave of orgasm triggered by that low growl that went on and on and on, seeming to last forever before dissolving into a slow, seductive hiss. Then, silence.

Panting, Polly clutched herself in shock.

* * * * *

Golden Song_ARE

Blurb: Psychic Polly Martin saw him for the first time standing across the subway car. She knew he couldn’t be real. No one was that tall, that strong, that handsome. No one growled like that, so low and seductive under his breath, a rumbling sound that moved through her traitor’s body like a physical caress. Certainly no one had eyes like he did—glowing and yellow, vaguely reptilian in the way he watched her, so hungry and intent. Predatory, even as he smiled.

No, there was no way a man like that could be real. She had to be hallucinating. And really, after four very long days without sleep, the only thing that ought to surprise her about that was that it hadn’t happened sooner.


18 thoughts on “Wednesday Hook!

  1. valloryv says:

    I’m hooked! That was awesome and is on my TBR list!

  2. Jessica Subject says:

    Wonderful sexy description! But, what’s with her???

  3. Great hook, well done!

  4. R Lee Smith says:

    Whew! It’s awfully early in the morning to be reading steamy stuff like this…Great job!

  5. Gosh. That was a powerful hook.

  6. Wow! What a hook! *fanning myself*

  7. Sue says:

    yeah – shocking all right 😀

  8. Wow.. I think I need to lie down in dark place… Awesome..x

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