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Sexy athletic body

He comes into the room and your eyes immediate gravitate. He’s hot, he’s built, he is a man in his physical and sexual prime and, ladies, he is on the prowl tonight. There’s just one problem: when you see him smile that sinful smile…when you feel the hard, sinewy heat of him backing you up against the nearest wall…when he dips his head towards yours and all you can breathe is that dark and hungry chuckle that rumbles up from deep down in his chest…when he finally–finally–puts his hands on you…will you survive it? Welcome to the Hot and Deadly blog hop.

As with any other blog hop, there are prizes for participation on this and many other sites, so while you’re here, enjoy my sneak peek of Incubus Moon and the hot and very deadly male within. Leave a comment with your contact info and you’ll automatically be entered to win your choice of my books. And when you’ve finished, don’t forget to click the icon above to visit all the other talented authors offering their own contests and prizes.

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“What do you want?” she demanded. Again, her voice did not tremble, but the sword and her arms had begun to.

Another smirk. She was beginning to think maybe, like Scar, that was his only way of smiling. “The alarm is sounding. We’re under attack.”

“Why aren’t you defending the walls with the others?”

Delsin startled, but like a blink, his surprise winked through his eyes and vanished again. “I am not a Light-Bearer and far too important to risk standing on the walls at night. Emen didn’t tell you?”

“I’m sure there are many things he hasn’t yet told me.”

Delsin leaned toward her, lowering his voice as he confided, “He kept me this close when I was new, too. It won’t last. He never keeps any of us for long.”

Veda slid back another step. It wasn’t retreating, per se; she just didn’t want him so close as to make the sword—the increasingly heavier tip shaking badly now and beginning to angle downward—a useless defense in her hands. It didn’t work anyway. For every backwards step she took, Delsin advanced.

“He needs us to love him,” he said, “before he releases us to fend for ourselves out amongst the rest of the refugees. Do you know why?”

“No.” Her next step back bumped her into the wall. When Delsin pursued, she reflexively raised the sword until it was almost touching him, but Delsin hardly looked at it. Instead, he reached for her, catching the tip of her sword between his fingers and lightly pushing it aside. One more lazy step closer, and he was standing directly before her. She stiffened, lowering the now useless sword until it bumped against the floor, and he leaned into her, bracing his arm against the wall at her back.

His echoing exhale brushed across her collar. His fingers played in her hair. “If we love him, we’re less likely to kill him.”

Veda willed herself to stop trembling. She refused to tremble, to cower against the wall like a frightened child, her knuckles white on the hilt of her now useless sword. “Why would we?”

A pause only a heartbeat long, and then Delsin tipped his head again. “Because,” he said with exaggerated patience, “they are all demons.”

“Have you not seen your own reflection? What do you think we are?”

Delsin stiffened, affronted. “We weren’t born like this! It was an accident!”

“What difference does that make?” she demanded, and suddenly she was more tired than either angry or scared. “We are as trapped here as anyone else. Our own people would find us terrifying. We are one missed feeding away from committing murder.”

His brows furrowed. “I am no demon.”

“Your skin is black as pitch,” Veda said, her voice dropping into that same sarcastically patient tone he’d just used. “You have talons and claws. Horns sprout from your head and your eyes are glowing. You are a mortal-born incubus, Delsin, regardless of how it came about.”

He glared, his resentment obvious. “You think yourself any different?”

“My point exactly.” Leaving the sword leaning against the wall, she pushed past him to open the door. “You should leave.”

“I always take shelter here when the attacks come.” Delsin followed her, but did not leave. “Emen likes to feel protective of his mates.”

If he thought to shock her by that admission, he should have let it drop hours ago. Veda held the door open wider and waited. “Hide somewhere else.”

Every nuance of his expression had stilled into unreadable stone. “When I become a Light-Bearer, we will see who he wants then.”

A great amber fist punched past Veda’s shoulder, seizing Delsin by his tunic and yanking him out the door. Turning, Scar flung the smaller male violently off the stoop, chasing only far enough to send him scrambling with a derisive kick to the ass.

“Crazy, bug-eyed sheep-sucker,” Scar muttered, ripping the door out of Veda’s hand and slamming it shut before a now furious Delsin could pick himself up off the ground.

“And you can follow him!” Veda hissed when he rounded on her next. She grabbed the door handle, but he wrenched it from her hands and promptly slammed it again. The rasp of her voice cracked, giving way to squeaks of fury. “I said get out!”

She punched her fists against his shoulders and shoved, but Scar shoved back and the whole door shuddered when she hit it. He moved in, the hard length of his body pinning her to the unyielding wood.

“I’ve missed this,” he said, smiling, all winsome teeth and arrogance. When he leaned into her, all the inches of him pressed against all the inches of her. “Not quite where we left off though, is it?”

He pulled back, gazing admiringly down the length of her. Two thick fingers wandered down off her shoulder, dipping into the vee of her shirt to feel the softness between her breasts. She slapped his hand only because she didn’t think she’d like the repercussions from slapping his cheek.

Yanking her off the door, Scar snapped her around and shoved her back against it. He fell against her back, catching each of her hands and forcing them flat against the planks by her head. He buried his face in her hair. His breath steamed her shoulder and her ear. “This is better, yeah?”

Her efforts to squirm out from under him did little more than rattle the door. She gave up, and glared at the hard planks instead. “You should be helping Emen defend the Settlement.”

“I should be stuffed to the balls right up your sweet crack. Of both options, guess which one I favor.”

Fury exploded red-hot behind her eyes and she threw herself into another fit of useless squirming. She bumped her own chin, felt the bite of splinters stabbing through her shirt into the soft flesh of her belly, breasts and thighs, and thoroughly exhausted herself in the process.

“I like you like this,” Scar murmured behind her ear, when she at last fell panting, fuming and still once more. “Fiery, angry…beneath me. Want to fuck?”

“No,” Veda said through her teeth. She twisted her head far enough to glare at him. “I am done with this. I won’t be a bone for you to fight over anymore.”

“I like this bone.” He tugged at her shirt, inching the cloth up to her waist until his fingers found her bare skin. He rubbed her hips. “You sure you don’t want a little pump and tickle before Numbfuck gets home?”

She growled.

Scar rumbled laughter just behind her ear. “Gods, I could come on that sound alone. Do it again.”

“He’s going to smell you, first thing when he walks through this door. And when he comes after you, I won’t try to stop him.”

“No?” He pressed his hot mouth to the back of her neck. “Well then, let’s make sure he gets the right message, yeah?”

Her whole body stiffened when she felt him jerk at the fastenings of his pants. When he pushed back, Veda twisted sharply away. She spun to confront him, but Scar was moving away from her, his pants held up with one hand, his cock gripped in the other. His weapon of choice, he put it to a wholly unexpected use. While Veda stood aghast, he urinated all over the house, splashing the floor, the furniture, spraying in wide arcs to reach as much of the room as he could and, when that failed to go far enough, began to walk around. As the steady flow weakened, he turned back to her and deliberately splashed a golden arc across both her feet.

“There,” he said over Veda’s squawk of disgust, refastening himself into his pants. “That should state things clearly enough, don’t you think?”

Tearing her shocked gaze from her feet, Veda stared at him.

Chucking her lightly under the chin and giving a lock of her hair a playful tug, Scar opened the door to go. “He knows where I bed. Tell him I’ll wait up.”

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Incubus Moon available now on Amazon Kindle: $4.99


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  1. Anne says:

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    Great excerpt. Definitely caught my interest.
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