5/18 Weekend Writing Warriors

Hi all! This is my submission for this week’s Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop. This is from my current project–Karly’s Wolf–due out sometime next month. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by!

Karly's Wolf_ARE

She’s running, Mama Margo had said. Go and make your acquaintance so she’ll know who to go running to.

At the time she’d said it that had actually annoyed him a little, but now…his hand tightened even more. He despised bullies and men who beat on the women they should be protecting. He shook his head, already feeling that rock hardness tightening in his gut, spreading out cold before the heat of Change tempted him. He didn’t need to check the rearview mirror to know the honeyed amber of his eyes had lightened. Going wolf.

He swallowed back the urge.